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Corey Cochran-Lepiz
@willWill Fairman
Alexander Hoppe
Qingmu Deng 


  • Test day recap from the weekend
  • Next steps for MK-III
    • Play with different amount of rolling averages for the throttle
    • Tune the motor controller for different profiles on the car
    • Fix data-logger 
    • Wheel speed sensing
      • clever packaging necessary 
      • Something more outside the box than just a circuit in a box with a connector
      • waterproof spray?
      • Different connectors other than ampseal
  • Last design review
    • People will need more direction to ship boards
    • Need to have more one on ones
  • Timeline
    • Some boards to be shipped 
    • Buy a peg board and route wires along pegs
    • Lucky: Just ship the boards if they're ready 
    • Thanksgiving boars, LETS DO IT
    • Master wiring diagram by Corey
    • FMEA 
  • Returning members taking care of a couple first years 




Corey Cochran-Lepiz

Alexander Hoppe

Will Fairman

Lucky Jordan

Qingmu Deng


  • Check ins
    • Josh: Going well. A little slow. Looking at boards for telemtry
    • Will: Good. Been working a lot with COM project. 
      • Simple SPI interface good enough for the IMU
      • Hall effect before next drive day 
    • Alex: Expecting to be very busy. Focused more on helping people than BMS
      • Needs to work on data logger
  • FMEA
    • Working on it today
  • Test Days
    • Running the car on Saturday
    • Need to wok on data logging 
  • MK-IV Diagram
    • Working on it
  • Timeline
    • Can get boards out by winter break
    • More one on ones earlier on when we get people started