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  • Things we liked this year:
    • Everything was custom, but not much over engineering
    • simple and effective design
    • Barring CAN on steering, everything worked!
    • Wrote code for drive modes (still need to implement)
    • Debugging LEDs were godsend
    • Lots of learning to be had
    • Good opportunities for interaction with mechanical
    • SS LEDs were very helpful
  • Things we want to implement next year:
    • Drive modes
    • Get rid of unused systems
      • Op amps on throttle board
    • Quick respin to get rid of any rework done last minute
    • All boards use the same buck converter
    • Add an RTD light
  • Things we feel need to change next year:
    • LEDs for IMD and AMS
    • Get the buck converter off the steering board... ??????????? why is it even there
    • Go back to black enclosures 
  • Stretch goals for the coming year:
    • Have a large LED matrix in place LED bars
      • Its the same adafruit library 
      • Will look cooler and we can shove more info in
      • Potentially numbers
    • Consolidate both boards into one boards
  • Random Ideas:
    • Dashboard overall is kinda ugly - we can try to pretty it up with aesthetics 
    • Bucks on Interface boards
    • 5V and Ground bus bars in front of car, to minimize board I/O
      • judges are anal about fuse protection
    • Add functionality to reduce throttle at low battery (maybe with driver input as well)
    • Sand the back of the steering wheel
    • Plan around tasks that are often completed last minute, like harnessing. It becomes such a timesuck at the end of the year; it wouldn't have to be if we had more structured first year training on it, because it is a task where more hands make a huge difference. 

Steering (Adi & Manu 6/5/19):