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  1. Testing HV isolating gloves.

    1. 10-12 days

  2. Wire samples and datasheets printed out

  3. Charger voltage settings reprogramming

    1. 2 weeks AT LEAST - 2019 charger situation: it was shipped to ElCon, then it took a solid three weeks with no response from Sayyed, a few phone calls and a  mail system inquiry to get them to respond.

    2. Not recommended to use UPS
    3. Phone number for ElCon: Mark 916-441-4161
    4. Person at ElCon who does the reprogramming:  Sayyed
    5. Cost for shipping it there is around $75 if you get $1000 insurance, cost of reprogramming $45, cost of them shipping it back $25, you can find more detail about all of this and past correspondence in the charger and financial 19/20 folders
    6. contact form info (form on website):
      1. Company Name: Olin Electric Motorsports
        Street Address: 1000 Olin Way, MB 680
        City: Needham
        State: Massachusetts
        Zip / Postal Code: 02492
        Country: United States
        Charger Model (TCCH-xx-xx): TCCH-288-8
        Serial Number (SNxxxxxxxx): SN160115396
        Numbers below Serial Number: 288-8
        Information on white label (Alg xxx ): 520
        Purchased from: ElCon
  4. Having enough components to populate all BMS peripherals (with 2 extras)

  5. Charging cart and push bar

  6. Get all HV/TSMP connectors

  7. MYLAPS transponder

  8. Make sure all driver gear is present and IN CERTIFICATION

    1. need fireproof undergarment for drivers
  9. Get tires mounted

    1. Sullivan Tire and Auto Service was able to mount 10in radius wheels
    2. 210 Lexington St, Waltham, MA 02452
  10. Low stock of lots of electrical parts

    1. 10k Resistors
    2. Ampseals
    3. Assortment of micromatch headers
    4. 0 ohm jumpers
    5. etc.
  11. BSPD is not rules compliant

    1. Need to implement open/short to gnd/short to supply detection
  12. IMD response value

    1. ours is factory preset to 100k and not able to be changed
    2. bender is down to donate them to us
      1. US contact
        1. Torsten Gruhn (  
        2. 420 Eagleview Blvd.

              USA - Exton, PA 19341

              800-833-6834 / 610-383-9655

              +1 610 466 2071

  13. Driver selection process

  14. Paddock rules

  15. Racing equipment certification date and expiration

  16. Master switch CAD is wrong. Has had mechanical interference for 2 years now.