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Registration 19/20

Pre-registration now exists. Basically the top 10 teams per each competition and class get to register for that competition and class before everyone else. Since we were in pre-registration for North EV and there were 20 available spots we did not have to register immediately - which was good because we forgot to up the p-card limit. Upping the p-card limit is pretty quick and painless though. Just request it through the portal and them email Barb and cc Wanda, Paul, and Susan. Probably want to request like a $7000 limit for October since both registrations happen during that month.

  1. Make sure you are logged into and have an up to date membership affiliated with our team. Go to and scroll down and click Formula North.
  2. Go to Attend > Registration > Register
  3. Click Add a New Team
  4. Select the below settings. TEAMMBR is Team Member. TEAMCPN (or something like that) is Team Captain. Click Register & Pay to pay immediately. Doesn't seem like it matters though if you want to pay later.
  5. Fill out card information. Make sure Chris is looped in to approve purchases over $2000.

Link to Formula SAE Competition Events:

Once you scroll down on the page, you will see a list of events.

Click view details for the events you interested to see when registration is, and other competition deadlines.

PITFALL #1: Registering for an IC Competition instead of an EV Competition

As you can see above, there are two competitions that are starred and one that is crossed out.

The two competitions we have historically attended are Formula North and Formula Lincoln.

Formula Lincoln is a competition that has both IC and EV racecars. We are an EV racecar. 

Initial intuition would suggest registering for Formula SAE Lincoln. DO NOT DO THAT. That event on the website is registration for the IC racecars.

The Formula SAE Electric is the event that we want to register for. As you can see, it has the same dates as the Formula SAE Lincoln event.

PITFALL #2: Not having a Formula SAE Membership at time of Registration

Any team member can register for competition as long as they have a valid SAE membership. You can make a

When you make your account, you will affiliate the account with Olin College of Engineering.

You will need to register at and pay for a Student Membership. It costs $30.

Any member who is going to attend competition will have to have an account and membership anyways, so just make sure the membership is not expired at the time of registration.

The Registration Strategy

Get a group of 5-6 people with valid SAE accounts and get together the day of registration at least 15-20 minutes before it starts. Be ready with the P-card and have everyone try to register at the same time. The first person to get through in the system should follow through with registration. Make sure whoever if financial manager is in attendance.

** Make sure the credit limit of the pcard is increased for the ~$2,000 charge of the competition.

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